I Learn Something New Every Day

I promised myself not to get wrapped up in the politics and business of Toastmasters. It is becoming increasingly more difficult, but I am trying. Interestingly, through something that is happening, I am learning about myself.

There are posts on this blog from when we used to have the Carnival of New Jersey Bloggers that highlighted how I was always (it seemed) overlooked and thus left off the weekly post. Stuff like that always happens to me. It is extremely frustrating. At its most basic level, it demonstrates I am not valued. Of course, I know that is indeed the case. Whether I was included or not in the Carnival mattered to absolutely nobody but me.

It’s happening in Toastmasters too. I was supposed to lead table topics last Tuesday at CCT. That was cut. I was just washed over previously for my article review. That’s when I gave up on the Gauntlet (a “friendly” competition to complete all the roles of a meeting during a specified time period). Trying to get mentor help has been frustrating.

It is much more prominent in the Speak-EZ club. The online form does not seem to be used whatsoever. I sign up for roles, the agenda is published, and I am not even on the agenda. Sometimes I have been assigned other roles. On Thursday I was all geared up to deliver a speech, only to find I wasn’t to participate at all.

Yes, I had just mapped out every speech I plan to give for the next year and this tosses all that aside immediately. I probably have too aggressive of a schedule, but to not even be able to make it through the first two meetings without changes highlights that despite its claims as being a professional organization, I am being treated as less than so.

Disappointment reigns!

I am a member of three clubs, but only one of them voted me in. It was only that one club that provided a Toastmaster pin. None of the clubs explained to me that after each speech or role I serve I am supposed to have the VPE sign my manual. I learned this just this morning reading a discussion group.

I suspect there is a lot more that is suppose to happen that is being pushed aside for convenience.

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  1. This is the expectations game. When one has expectations, one has disappointment. It is something I have learned over and over. I now strive not to have expectations.

    Couched in all this is the reliance on others. No one cares about anyone save himself. If that is the case, relying on someone else to provide something for me (a speaking slot, for instance) surely is going to lead to frustration.

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