Airline Regulation

Recently Delta imposed fees on checked baggage for returning military personnel. They took a lot of heat for that and recently reversed its decision. Good for them. Still, some lawmaker has a hair across his ass and is proposing some sort of legislation to prohibit these fees. That has drawn the ire of an airline industry trade group.

“(But) we certainly oppose the government or Congress trying to regulate or dictate what services airlines can and cannot provide and what they can charge for those services.” Lott said a number of airlines already waive baggage fees and make special accommodations not only for military personnel, but also for their families. “The customer and market forces should decide what services the government provides, not a congressman,” he said.

I absolutely agree with this. Government should not be involved at all. That, of course, includes airline subsidies!

The customer and market forces should decide which airlines make it and which do not. So, yes, if Delta or some other airline wants to gouge the military, it is their right to do so. But these airlines shouldn’t be using my tax dollars to wield their business model.

Finally, why are returning soldiers paying their own way back home? I don’t understand. Shouldn’t that be on the tab of the employer (taxpayers)?

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