Conan’s Speech

Conan O’Brien Graduation Speech, 12 July 2011

Project 5: The Oratorical Speech
Interpretive Reading

The speech below has been garnering great reviews since Conan O’Brien delivered it two months ago. I used about half of the speech to complete speech #5 in the Interpretive Reading manual, The Oratorical Speech. I delivered it to the CCT.

My delivery was not as smooth as my rehearsal. I seemed to grip the lectern. I kept using my left hand to make “the point” gesture. I was aware of it. The big thing is that I rushed the speech. Practice had me right at 12 minutes. I came in under 11 minutes. I needed to trim the speech further so I could pause properly.

Since it was a graduation speech, I donned a robe and mortarboard. I think that and the fact that the speech had humor in it was enough to get me over the hump and win the speech contest. That, of course, blows my theory that I wouldn’t win a ribbon delivering anything from the Interpretive Reading manual. I was wrong.

Despite the weakness of the speech, I am happy I won tonight. I have been feeling like I haven’t won enough of late. This bone will do much to life my spirits.

11-07-12 Commencement Speech

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