GGACLL: Specialized Nighttime


Score: 18 strokes
Course description: Well here I done got me a new bike. Installed some lights
on it today and figured I take her out for a spin tonight.

Time: 37:18
Distance: 3.98 mi.

Hole: GGACLL-01
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:35:40 UTC: Outside 475 Val Lane.

Hole: GGACLL-02
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:35:58 UTC: Across from 1305 Cedar.

Hole: GGACLL-03
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:36:23 UTC: Outside the blue house . . . been here several times

Hole: GGACLL-04
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:36:56 UTC: Tree right b4 the last house before the turn to the
horse farm.

Hole: GGACLL-05
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:37:20 UTC: @ Porreca’s horse farm. New signage up.

Hole: GGACLL-06
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:38:00 UTC: On the cul-de-sac of the former Dallas Airmotive.

Hole: GGACLL-07
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:38:27 UTC: Same exact hole as #6.

Hole: GGACLL-08
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:39:06 UTC: At the lightpole, which mysteriously turns off every
time I approach it.

Hole: GGACLL-09
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:41:37 UTC: As I peddled up Airmotive, the cacophony from the trees
was immense. I guess it is some sort of beetle making those noises.
Unbelievably loud.

Anyhow, this one played at the entrance of the driveway that I believe is the
eastern entrance to the horse farm.

Hole: GGACLL-10
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:42:59 UTC: There’s a development being built back here. There are
orange construction cones, some soft sand, and other protruding objects right
here. It really is the only dangerous spot to peddle at night. I knew what to
expect as I peddle over this daily.

Hole: GGACLL-11
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:43:41 UTC: Ingraldi’s farm is on the other side of this row of

Hole: GGACLL-12
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:45:39 UTC: On the cul-de-sac of Acorn. Played closer to the
driveway of the house than most holes that have been here.

Hole: GGACLL-13
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:47:30 UTC: Identical to #12.

Hole: GGACLL-14
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:47:48 UTC: Outside house with skateboard ramp.

Hole: GGACLL-15
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:48:39 UTC: So dark in here I couldn’t get a house number. Second
house on western side of Val after Geissel.

Hole: GGACLL-16
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:49:06 UTC: Outside 1410 Cedar.

Hole: GGACLL-17
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:49:34 UTC: Outside 1401 Cedar. There’s a freshly killed cat in
the road near here.

Hole: GGACLL-18
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:50:27 UTC: There aren’t many houses on Rieck in this stretch.
This played at the mailbox of the one that has the bright light nearby.

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