On Leaders

Leaders lead. That’s obvious. How to lead? Well, that’s the thing bookshelves are full of. One thing I have learned, however, in my years is that one must take care of his own. A principal looks after her staff, a manager protects his players, etc.

When it comes to politicians, they are supposed to represent their constituents. It seems like that is a forgotten trait among many.

In neighboring Vineland, there is a current controversy. The city is set to celebrate its 150th birthday. There’s going to be a big shindig at the high school. Apparently the committee that is organizing this thing has raised $50,000 in donated funds. Among the expenditures is $7,000 for a cake baked by the Cake Boss from Hoboken, 100 miles away.

According to the local paper, the mayor is a fan and decided to arrange that. Watching the news clip, it looks as though the committee knows nothing of it.

Whatever the case, shunning the local talent isn’t a good way of leading. We’re all on hard times right now. The newspaper just today reported our county is the most unhappy in the state. Could it be that cash that could be spent locally is being spent out of county?

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