Free for Whom?

Cumberland County has been pumping the fact it is giving out free flu shots this week. They’re free for Cumberland County residents not from Vineland (ouch!). And free in the sense that no one has to pay extra for them, but assuredly, we have paid for them.

It is unclear from the press releases where the money for this program came from. I suspect some federal government grant of some sort.

I like free. From what I can tell, I can get one of these flu shots at no additional cost to me. Awesome!

Yet, the way the program is being administered, it seems like once again, I may be eligible, but there is no way I can get in on the action.

I’ve noticed this over the years with programs like this. The flu shots are available from 10-noon, 11-1, and other similarly timed events during the week. Who is available at those times? Retirees. Third shift workers, SAHMs. The unemployed.

Who is not available then? Most of the working class. Y’know, those folks who pay the taxes for the unemployed to receive their free flu shots.

Once again we have a program paid for by taxes that the majority of taxpayers cannot use.

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