Autumn Has Arrived

11-10-01 Autumn Has Arrived

Today we made our annual pilgrimage to Duffield’s Farm. We usually wait for this until closer to Halloween. We are very happy we didn’t as we learned larger pumpkins are to be had early in the season. Also, while there were plenty of folks here, the crowds were not bad today. We had a very good time.

Fritz loved the hay bales. He ran all over. Beetle enjoyed them too, but was eager to go into corn maze all by herself. She is beginning to seek doing things solo. She thinks that makes her grown up. We acquiesced as it saved us cash. 😉

We had a wonderful time on the hayride. This is always the highlight of our visit. Fritz used to always pick the first pumpkin he saw; not today!

We had a little mishap in the pumpkin patch. As I gathered Fritz in and headed him back to the tractor, we saw Mommy and Beetle on the ground. At first I thought they were looking for a new pumpkin. When we caught up to them, Mommy was frantic. Yup, she had lost not only the wedding band but the engagement ring too! Holy smokes!!!!!! Mommy has lost so much weight that her rings do not fit and they just fell right off. After a bit, she found them both . . . thankfully! Yes, we are going to get them re-sized.

Beetle wanted to get her face painted. The line was slow moving, but it was worth it. The lady who painted was talented. Beetle asked for a custom design: a monkey. The lady did a wonderful job making it up as she went. We liked the results! All the while, Fritz went on all the rides (bouncy, mini hayride, etc.).

We hit the market for goodies. The baked goods here are delicious as are all the homegrown fruits and vegetables. We loaded up for the week. Butternut squash is in season!

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