Angry Workout

Sometimes people become angry. Hitting the gym is the place to go when this occurs. My buddy wasn’t there when I went to pick him up; he was delayed due to some of the same source as my anger. By then I was already halfway through the workout.

Squats: bar-10, 95-5, 115-5, 135-5, 155-5, 175-5 (PR, although I didn’t get quite as far down as I wanted, but it was acceptable)
Deadlift: 135-5, 225-5, 245-1, 265-failed
Bench: bar-10, 65-5, 95-5, 95-5, 95-5, 95-5, 95-5
Machine Curl: 40-10, 50-10, 60-10, 70-10
Assisted Pull-Ups: 85-10, 85-10, 70-8
Preacher Curl: 35-10, 35-10, 45-10
Curl: 35-10, 35-10, 35-10

Yeah, I like the PR in squats. I felt fresh and strong. I bet I could have done more. Of course, my deadlifts were not great. I was shy with the bench. No partner and after my mishap a couple weeks ago, I am cautious of putting too much weight on the bar.

But I went. I am righting the Good ship lollipop.

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