How to Be a Distinguished Club

How to Be a Distinguished Club, 15 December 2011

How to Be a Distinguished Club
Successful Club Series
Advanced Leader Bronze

Tonight I delivered the How to be a Distinguished Club speech from the Successful Club Series. This satisfies a requirement for the Advanced Leader Bronze award. I delivered this to the Speak E-Z group. Speak E-Z meets in a nursing home lobby. It’s an interesting place for public speaking. As you can hear as you listen, there are beeps often heard as buzzers sound various alarms. Also, in the middle of the speech you hear me address someone. A patient wandered up to me as I was speaking. He has dementia and frequently wanders in. Hey, stuff happens when one speaks!

How to Be a Distinguished Club Evaluation

I also served as the Ah Counter during this meeting. These are my notes.

Ah Counter Tally Sheet

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