Finally Figured It Out

11-12-17 Finally Figured It Out

Sometimes I’m a little slow on figuring things out. A year ago I purchased two flat screen televisions. One of them has Internet capabilities. Streaming content has not worked quite the way I envisioned it. With the PS3 player that came free with the purchase I am able to get some stuff. Netflix works just fine. Of course, I stopped our account a few months ago since its streaming content is lacking. I did see every Rockford Files episode before I halted it. There are a couple free services that work too. Again, old movies, but some good stuff. I don’t pay for Hulu, so that is off limits. I am able to stream YouTube content, particularly my own channel. Searching is clumsy, however.

Anyhow, I got an idea tonight that I began to work on. That didn’t work out as I had planned. So I looked something up. Well, blow me down. It seems that rather than having the television grab content from the network like I’ve been trying, I can push content to the television from my laptop.

Now we’re watching home movies. Yeah, this is pretty kewl! It only took a year, but it’s working. That’s what matters.

Woo hoo!

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