The Boy of the Three-Year Nap

The Boy of the Three-Year NapThe Boy of the Three-Year Nap by Dianne Snyder
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This had been in my classroom, but somehow has made it’s way to Beetle’s bookshelf. It is a book I ordered from Troll years ago.

What a fantastic tale! Such rich language. An interesting story. A twist. A fabulous illustrations. This is what children’s literature is all about.

Taro is a shiftless boy. He lives with his mother in a one-room house that is in disrepair. To calm his mother’s nagging, Taro enacts a plan that should net him riches for doing nothing. The plan works, but his mother catches on and betters herself while ensuring that his son ends up working.

This is very cute. Worth the read.

“eat and sleep, sleep and eat” (just like Sarah, Plain and Tall)
exquisite, enchanted, magnificent, elegant
alarmed (like Sarah, Plain and Tall)
“decreed, ordained, and sanctified!”
“yawning like a satisfied cat”

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