Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the MountainFire on the Mountain by Jane Kurtz
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I am sure I purchased this long ago solely based on the title. Ah, a Grateful Dead reference. Nevertheless, it is a good story with a lesson.

A young Ethiopian shepherd boy loses his parents and goes off to seek his sister, who is a servant to a rich man. He spends many a night in the mountains and survives.

The boy finds his sister and serves the rich man too. He then accepts a challenge from the master: spend a bitter cold night atop the mountain with just his shirt. If he does, the rich man will bequeath him four cows and a bag of money. The boy completes the task by looking at a far off fire and dreaming of being warm. The rich man reneged on his promise.

The boy and the girl were to be ousted after the evening’s feast.

All the servants cooked the rich man’s favorite foods and were prepared to play his favorite music, but delivered neither. The rich man was angry. The servants equated smelling the food and pondering the music to the boy looking at a fire atop the mountain. The rich man paid up and the boy ended up rich in the end.

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