The Lorax

The LoraxThe Lorax by Dr. Seuss
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This book has been a staple throughout my life. Back when it was written, I recall ecology being the cause-du-jour. That term isn’t used any longer. Now we speak of environmentalism. That was after conservation had its turn. Why is ecology no longer used?

The book is a lefty manifesto of sorts. Big bad business is what is wrong. Sigh . . .

But I do like the ending. A call to action, which is good. What if? It is reminiscent of Lennon’s Imagine. What if? indeed.

It’s a classic Dr. Seuss tale. The rhyming and the cadence are all as expected. The illustrations are as Seuss-like as ever. A fun book, but one with a very pointed message. I’m all for not recklessly cutting down every kind of a species, but did business have to be portrayed as greedy? Lynne Cherry told the same tale in The Great Kapok Tree, but put the onus on a greedy logger, not business in general.

Whatever. I still read this to my students on Earth Day, which highlights ecology. 😉

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