Evaluate to Motivate

12-01-19 Speak E-Z Toastmasters Meeting

Evaluate to Motivate
The Successful Club Series
Advanced Leader Bronze

A decade ago I first heard the speech Evaluate to Motivate delivered. This classic Toastmasters speech describes the purpose of evaluations in the Toastmasters program. Harry Reeves delivered that first speech at the long-defunct Vineland Area Toastmasters club.

While most Toastmasters speeches are left to the speaker to construct, there are some pre-written speeches that Toastmasters deliver at various stages. In order to earn the Advanced Leader Bronze designation, I selected this speech.

There is a PowerPoint that accompanies the speech. I loathe using someone else’s technology as it rarely works as it should. As the focus of the audience in those circumstances, it diminishes the credibility. To that end, I hired an artist to re-create the slides on chart pad to display on an easel. I had done this previously for the How to be a Distinguished Club speech. Then the venue changed for our meeting. I also watched some You Tube videos of the speech. I decided to forgo the visuals. Sure, I take the hit on the evaluation for that, but I thought they were superfluous.

The speech was delivered well, but I still have plenty of room for improvement. I need to pause a little more between my segments. I need to use my exaggerated voices to change the vocal variety as I do while practicing. I need not to slip up and thank the toastmaster at the end. Sigh . . . But I know this came off pretty well. The General Evaluator made a comment that he has seen my speaking ability improve over the last couple months. He said something along the lines of that I have elevated to the next level. I am not quite certain about that, but I am pleased.

FWIW, I won the best speaker award this evening for this speech.

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