Division D, Area 4 Officer Training

Free Toast Host Upgrade, 25 January 2012

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Toastmasters officers are trained twice yearly. Tonight was the local training for Area 4 officers. There is a full agenda of items (Toastmasters tend to run tight meetings). The speakers at these events tend to be Division Governors. For instance this evening, there six speakers. The first was the District Governor (the big honcho), the Division Governor, three Area Governors, and me.

Yup, little ol’ me was asked to present at this event. I was hesitant as the topic I was asked to present was a technology topic. I loathe presenting technology stuff as it is usually expected that live demonstrations are used. I do not trust anyone else’s technology. I developed my speech without that. Three other presentations used the wi-fi there. One worked well, but the presentation didn’t really need it. Another that needed it had connection issues. And the third presentation was a PowerPoint. There was confusion as to how to hook up the laptop and get it projecting. I followed that. I am happy I shunned using a computer.

Because I was last, people were eager to get going. We were running a touch late when I got on. I felt as though I was speaking very quickly. It doesn’t come off as bad as I thought it was, but I didn’t knock this out of the park as I had hoped I would. Sigh . . .

Yet, it was another learning experience. For that, yeah!

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