See The Sea!: A Book About Colors

See The Sea!: A Book About ColorsSee The Sea!: A Book About Colors by Allia Zobel Nolan
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I purchased this book several years ago from Books Are Fun! My wife had a friend who was selling off surplus from the company. We went to her house in Vineland. I picked this up for $1.

I read this to Beetle numerous times.

Tonight I encouraged Fritz to select a different book. He likes dictionary/picture books. He finds it amusing for me to have him locate various images on those pages. I told him he needed to select something more “booky”. This is what he found on the bookshelf. Given our trip to the aquarium yesterday, I thought it was appropriate.

The book isn’t as great as it should be. The rhyming is forced and the story is pretty much nonexistent. It is colorful, however. There is a pair of large plastic eyes that are used on each page (cutouts to accommodate the eyes). A whales, octopus, shark, manta ray, and turtle are all presented.

It was tonight’s bedtime story.

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