Books Are Apparently Not Needed

Call me old fashioned, but I just don’t understand what happened in Lawrence Township this evening.

Apparently, the school there hasn’t had a library program for a few years. That, I can understand. In this time of tight budgets, the Myron Powell School made a decision several years ago not to fund a librarian. There has been a library for classes to use; it just isn’t staffed.

I can also understand that perhaps the teachers have not found it useful to take their students to this room.

So, the school is reclaiming the room and disbanding the library. I understand that too. Might as well reclaim the space and put it to better use. Bravo!

What I don’t understand is selling off the books.

Tonight is the school’s “Night of the Arts” Warfield noted, and books will be on sale for $1 each. The school-wide event will run from 6 to 8 p.m. and feature student performance of poetry, skits, musical selections and interactive art.

A number of local charter schools in the area have been contacted to see if there’s anything they would like to take out.

“The idea is to give these books to people who will use them,” Warfield said. Myron L. Powell classroom teachers have also have also had an opportunity to pick over the selections.

Those books should have been distributed to the remaining classrooms of the school. The books were purchased for these students, not for the taxpayers to take a bath on selling them to charter schools in other communities.

Consider how well stocked those classroom libraries would be!

Yeah, I know . . .

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