The Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up

The Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned UpThe Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up by Kristen Earhart
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So, I’m going through these piles of books. Yesterday I dealt with a bunch of Magic School Bus books. Today I find this one. I don’t ever recall seeing this one before. Looking a little more closely, I realize this isn’t your average MSB book. No, this here is a special book. I probably didn’t buy this as it is sponsored by the EPA. Yes, that EPA.

What are our tax dollars doing spending money on propaganda like this? It is propaganda too. Children are encouraged to tell the bus driver to turn off the bus when it is stopped. Really, is that what we want to occur on buses? I would hope not.

I would love to see the FOIA request to find out how much public money went into this drivel. Is it any wonder our debt has spiraled out of control? This is not the purview of government.

Ms. Frizzle’s bus is a polluter. The students shrink and fly up some guy’s nose. They exit, much like pollution exits a vehicle, and then all is right with the world again. Sigh . . .

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