A Solution to Government’s Woes

The public needs to have a serious discussion regarding government. The outcome of that discussion needs to be simply: At what level do we agree to fund government? There is a percentage of our income that makes government work. We need to hammer that out. What that percentage is, I do not know. We do need to set it, however.

Federal, state, and local levels need to be set. I think it is fair to assume the aggregate of those taxes would be south of 50%. Once set, then we can proceed.

You see, the public’s answer to government does not appear to be government’s answer.

Whenever government is stuck, its answer is to raise taxes. Under my plan, once the percentage of income that we pay in taxes is set, it cannot be raised! Government has to make it work with that pot of money. If the economy is down, money in government’s coffers will be too. That will mean that government has fewer dollars to run. In other words, cuts will be made. If government wants more money to spend, expand the economy. If folks are making more money, more taxes will be collected. But under no circumstances will taxes ever be raised.

Each time government begins the budget process, it begins floating the idea of raising taxes (note to the Republican-held Cumberland County freeholder board). The taxpayer is in a position he cannot control; he is at the whim of the out-of-touch politicians. With my plan, the onus is upon government to make it work with what it already knows is in the pot. Y’know, the people demand the job get done with the resources available.

So, what should the three levels of taxation be?

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