11.65 Miles in Belleplain

There’s a new mountain bike trail created at Belleplain State Forest. I don’t think it is quite finished yet, and there are no maps. Yet, it is there. I rode down today to ride it. It kicked my butt.

While there are no inclines (we live on a plain), the tight turns drained me. I think I am suffering from low-carb flu anyhow. About halfway through this, I was beaten. I finally decided to abandon the trail. I did that when I was switching back on what I had already done. I am not quite certain how the back was supposed to go, but I hit the roads.

Technically, I am pretty certain I added more distance, but I improved my time. This took a lot longer that I expected and I had to get back home for an event. And my butt had been kicked sufficiently.

I’ll ride this again. I need to build my stamina.

12-05-19 Belleplain MTB Trail

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