CompleteCare Is Completely Clueless

Cheryl Bettigole is the chief medical officer of the CompleteCare Health Network. What is CompleteCare? I can’t quite figure it out. I think it is group of various healthcare services in Cumberland and Salem counties.

Ms. Bettigole has some disturbing ideas.

“Like what?” you may ask. Like:

The study recommended a “fat tax” ideally be combined with subsidies on healthy items such as fruit and vegetables, which Bettigole referred to as a positive “double whammy.”

Why does Ms. Bettigole want a fat tax? Answer:

“We see a tremendous number of people suffering from the impact of chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, and one of the things we see, especially among poorer patients, is trouble affording the healthy foods they need,” Bettigole said. “A lot of these fast foods tend to be very cheap and accessible, so this would be trying to correct that balance.”

Is Ms. Bettigole concerned that a fat tax would affect the poor folks of Cumberland County more adversely than others? Not in the least:

obesity and complications like diabetes and heart disease also primarily affect poorer people, so from a public health point of view I completely applaud this

This healthcare “leader” also has some public policy thoughts.

Noting that a “fat tax” shouldn’t be punitive, and families “making do by cheap calories” can’t just suddenly find it impossible to eat, Bettigole suggested that revenue collected through the tax could fund food stamp benefits toward healthy options, vouchers for produce or farmers market expansions — a particularly feasible and attractive option in agriculture-rich areas of the Garden State like Cumberland and Salem counties.

How about this? Ms. Bettigole can continue leading her medical group and the elected officials can propose taxes to the citizens. That way, when the overtaxed folks are taxed more, we can hold our elected officials accountable.

Really, a healthcare official proposing taxes to get people healthy rather than promoting the most healthy thing of all: people use their God-given brains to lead a healthy lifestyle. Instead, a government-entrenched crony “leads” by doing what all politicians bereft of ideas do: raise taxes!


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