I e-mailed Richard Kretschmer about some Toastmasters stuff last week. He has yet to reply.

This evening I sent him three e-mails. One was a generic post that I sent to all Speak E-Z members about updating their profile and signing up for roles. The second was a very specific question that only he and/or the President can answer. The third was a personlly-addressed e-mail asking him to complete the bylaws.

I noticed that Richard logged onto the site within a few minutes of the last e-mail. He signed up to speak at the next meeting. It’s nearly an hour later and not an e-mail from him.

Yup, I’ll be leading alone this year. Bruce will be clueless, Richard is detached, Ginna, I suspect will shy away from a role. Lochner is out. This is going to be a skimpy slate of officers. That I am the main one of the slate is telling, isn’t it?

I’ll do it my way.

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