What If You Lead and No One Follows?

The other day I drafted a positive and upbeat e-mail and sent it all the Toastmasters at Speak E-Z. There were three parts to the e-mail: a happy introduction that casually asked how the conference was, a plea and reason why we need to update our profile and make it public, and inspiration to sign up for roles for future meetings so you craft your own path through the communication and leadership tracks.

The results?

  • Richard Kretschmer signed on and signed up for a speaker next meeting. I suspect that was because he feared others would claim the spots and he needs it to complete his manual. He did not respond directly to the e-mail.
  • Raymond Matlosz told me how nice the conference was. He did not log onto the site.
  • Robert Cranston logged on for the first time in 31 days and did nothing. He did not respond to the e-mail.
  • No one else responded or signed onto the site.

Oh, I offered incentives. I stated I would purchase each a cookie if this were completed. No worries for me as this will not happen.

What did I learn?

  • I learned that food does not work as motivation with this group.
  • I learned that only Richard is concerned about his roles.
  • I learned that no one is interested in checking out the web site.
  • I learned that encouraging this group to sign up for roles ahead of time is going to be futile.
  • I learned that I am not going to enjoy being VPE this year.

I use e-mail for efficiency. This group isn’t efficient. It has endured, however, so I need to keep that in mind. It will last after I leave. I am not the reason for this group to exist. I need to find a path that will serve these folks.

Would it be better if they embraced technology? Absolutely. Absent that, what can I do to be successful?

  • I will have multiple meeting sign-ups at each meeting.
  • I will have each member complete an interest survey/questionaire so I know where they are educationally. That will permit me to schedule them, as they are accustomed.
  • I will employ a mentoring program.
  • I will conduct my HPL. Whatever I do for that should make this club better. Perhaps I can lead them down this path.

I will be successful!

G’evening fellow Speak E-Z Toastmasters,

I hope everyone enjoyed this weekend. Those of you who attended the District 38 conference, how did it go?

There are two items I desire to highlight on our club web site in this e-mail.

1. Your Profile
Every Speak E-Z member has a profile. It is my hope I can convince
each of you to complete/update your profile and make it public before our next meeting. If we have 100% of our members do that, I’ll buy a delicious cookie from Wildflower for each member who attends!

How do you edit your profile?
In the Members Only section (left side toward the bottom of the page):
* Log into the web site (Click “Member Login”)
* Click “Edit Your Profile”

* Select make your profile public. Your e-mail address and telephone
number will NOT be shared. We want to show off our wonderful members!

* You can add any of your social network links, if you like.

* Please add a brief member bio. When visitors visit the site, they
want to read about how Speak E-Z has helped the members. This is the place to highlight your club.

* Upload a photograph.

* Click Save

Again, cookies for all on me if we get this done!

2. Sign up for a role for the next meeting or two or three . . .
Our web site can be a valuable tool in reaching your speaking and
leadership goals. By signing up for roles ahead of time, you can plan
your path through your communication and leadership manuals.

Each meeting has room for four speakers, but there are many other
roles that your can serve to build your leadership skills. Why not
pull out your Competent Leadership manual and see what roles you need to complete for your next project? Ah-Counter? Timer? Evaluator? General Evaluator? Toastmaster?

When you sign up to speak, make certain that you:
* select the manual you are using
* add a speech title
* provide an introduction for the Toastmaster
These can be done at a later date (but prior to the meeting) once you have prepared your speech.

Plan now to meet your goals! Planning ahead allows you to prepare for your role. Meeting agendas are available until August.

Take control of your education!

Our web site is a valuable tool for you. Use it to create your path.
If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Who wants cookies?

All the best,
Robert Owens

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