Is This Why We Pay Taxes?

Fox News did a piece recently about how the federal government spends about $200 million annually promoting “U.S. agricultural products in foreign markets.”

While it is good that the government “promotes” domestic goods, should it spend this kind of cash to do so?

It isn’t quite as altruistic as it sounds either. It doesn’t appear that the feds are out there pounding the pavement opening channels for US businesses. Rather, lobbying groups representing these agricultural businesses spend the money. The feds, using our tax dollars, reimburse the lobbyists for some of the money they spend.

Is this what you want the federal government doing?

If you are interested, you can see how much you contribute annually for this program. The Owens household kicks in $26.27. Sure, that sounds like a pittance, but I did not drive to an event tonight because I didn’t want to put gasoline in my tank. The cost of the trip would have been less than what I paid to the agricultural lobby. Perhaps if I had that money, I would have been enjoying that event.

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