Millville Goings On

Glasstown Plaza Mural

There is some new stuff in downtown Millville. Over the weekend two new murals were unveiled. This one is in the Glasstown Plaza. It is quite bright. Very summery. This is where Liz Nicklus’ mural she completed with students had been.

Levoy Theatre

Down the street one block, the Levoy Theatre is coming together. I really like the doors that are in place. It looks like this theatre is going to be very attractive.

Interestingly, inbetween Glasstown Plaza and the theatre, there are six storefronts that are empty. Those stores represent private business. The plaza and the theatre represent public business.

If private business is pulling out of Millville (Gina’s, for instance), who is left to fund the public business? It strikes me that this block is emblematic of the struggle that not only Millville is facing but our country as a whole.

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