Truly, I am thankful for the Lebanon State Forest (Brendan Byrne just doesn’t work for me) restrooms being open today.

One of my traditions is to hike on Thanksgiving morning. Some years I take the children, but today they wanted to help set the table for dinner at their grandparents’ house. That left me alone to explore the trails. It started off a cold 29° when I exited the Jeep. Yikes!

Cold weather and hiking has an affect upon me. After a few miles I knew that nature wasn’t going to cooperate. I headed back quite expecting the restrooms at Pakim Pond to be locked. State cutbacks and a holiday were certain reasons not to be open.

Alas, I was quite pleased to find out I was wrong. I had some back-up plans I had worked out on my hike back. They weren’t nearly as pleasing as what worked.

It’s the little things, truly, that I am thankful for. Indeed, I am a simple man with simple needs.

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