Fourth Grade Rats

Fourth Grade RatsFourth Grade Rats by Jerry Spinelli
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It’s the beginning of the school year; it’s time for Fourth Grade Rats. It’s not the greatest book ever written, but my new fourth graders seem to like it each year.

When you’re in fourth grade, you’re no longer an angel; you’re a rat!


We finished this today. Good ol’ Suds became a rat only to find out it wasn’t quite as satisfying as he had hoped. Except, all seemed fine until he saw Joey had been “re-programmed”. Then the happy ending began to kick in.

Mom’s line that Suds became a man when he stopped trying to be one hammered home the lesson from the book.

It’s a fun read.

Took too long this year to finish this. Read aloud time seems to have disappeared. I need to address this.

Nevertheless, the students seemed to enjoy it. Always a fun read. Spinelli is able to capture current students’ moods well.
7 October 2011
29 November 2012

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