Government: Hands Off!

Here is another article about New Jersey government interfering in private business.

It seems as though the perfect energy, solar, is going bust in The Garden State.

due to an overabundance of them flooding the market, the price of solar energy credits, or SRECs, have dwindled by nearly 92 percent in the past year and a half.

What’s the solution? More government intervention, of course!

Legislation that was passed in New Jersey’s Assembly and Senate requires energy companies to purchase more SRECs beginning in 2014, in order to solve the oversaturation problem. But there is a worry that the same issue could occur again if solar projects are not limited within the state.

Yup, force business to pick up the slack. But there is a safety net involved.

The law, known as Senate bill S1925 or the “solar rescue bill,” not only requires energy companies to purchase more SRECs each year, but it will also create a cost ceiling of $325 per certificate, so utility companies will not have to pass off extrordinary costs to their customers.

Of course, this is inefficient. But hey, that’s government for you!

The cost of installing a solar panel system has decreased in the past two years, due to overseas companies creating the materials needed at a discounted cost. This makes it an easier project for many organizations, governments or homeowners to embark on. But the more systems that go on the grid, the less each SREC is worth.

Of course, the Obama-failed plan on green energy is now selling our solar technology business to China at a discount. What a convoluted program.

Dear reader, politics are broken and so warped in our country, seeing a way out of this mess is nearly impossible.

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