Tooth Pulled

I missed a couple days of work this week. I wasn’t dying, but I did have headaches. Last night I began having pain in my mouth. I awoke in the middle of the night with intense mouth pain.

When I went to work today, the pain was bad. It was so bad I called the dentist during my prep period. I realized I needed to take care of the pain in my mouth prior to the Christmas break. I thought I could arrange an appointment after school today or tomorrow or on Saturday.

When I called, I was told all they had was this afternoon before they closed for a week.

I went down to the principal and explained the situation. I was leery given I had already missed two days this week. She said to go ahead and take the afternoon off. I made the appointment.

Prior to me leaving, the substitute they pulled from another classroom came to check on the plans. As we walked over to the desk she stated, “You don’t remember me, do you?” Well, no I didn’t.

She introduced herself. As she said her name, I knew exactly who she was. She was a student in my third class (I think). Now here she is substituting. She said I was a tough teacher. She stated she was 26. Hmmm . . .

Anyhow, I went to the dentist’s office. I saw Dr. ******. She is a mess. They couldn’t get the X-rays to work correctly, so they re-took them thrice. She couldn’t make the hydraulics on the chair work properly either. She stated my wisdom tooth needed to be pulled. No surprise, of course. Back in August another dentist here was prepared to do so when I balked. I wasn’t in pain and I am not in the habit of removing body parts for convenience. I had evolved on the issue with my current pain. But she refused to pull it. That was probably wise given how fumbling she was, but I was concerned my pain wasn’t going away.

She prescribed me an antibiotic and a pain killer. She then stated she would refer me to the oral surgeon. As the receptionist dealt with another patient, I called the oral surgeon and made an appointment. The receptionist then stated I would not be able to go today as she needed to mail the referral. Huh? I had been calm but felt my anger rising. She went and checked and verified that I could take it over.

The oral surgeon is in the same complex as the children’s pediatrician. Beetle was scheduled for a well visit there about an hour later. These folks (oral surgeon) could not have been any more professional. They added me as a new patient in no time. I had more X-rays (standing up and having the machine revolve about me). Then the doctor came in to consult with me. I explained my apprehension, etc. He was excellent. He stated he could have the tooth out without issue. I acquiesced.

In no time my mouth was numb. Pulling the tooth was as simple as could be. I left with gauze and a script for hydrocodone. I bled for about 90 minutes. I had absolutely no pain. I can feel where the tooth was, but nothing problematic has occurred.

And the best thing: my pain is gone. How great is that!

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