12-12-22 Swing Letterbox

My grandparents were rennaisance people. I learned this by piecing together the stories I heard in my youth, the photographs they left behind, and the interviews of those who knew them.

The Nash’s were family friends. They have the house at the end of our street. And as nice as it is, their getaway home is a story in and of itself.

It no longer exists, but once upon a time, the moonshine flowed through this second abode. It was commonly known as the place to be when there was something to be done. The dance floor was always full. I can still see the smile on my grandmother’s face. Even my grandfather was known to have a wry curl when he hearkened back to his younger days.

All that is gone now although I recently saw that remnants of the dance floor still exist. What a view it had of beaver lodges!

200 footfalls from the center of the floor (or patio) is the box. Follow the trail north from whence the cabin once was. You’ll eventually see this tree on your left. Walk to it. Facing the hollow, 13 footfalls at 220°.

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