Big Jim Quinn

Jim Quinn at the Cumberland Mall

I am the typical man . . . I waited until Christmas Eve to go Christmas shopping. In my defense, Gert had done the family shopping and we decided not to exchange. Although, we all know that’s not how things work. I went out very early to pick up a few things for my lovely bride.

As I walked through the Cumberland Mall, my eye caught one of those big hanging banners. Yup, Jim Quinn is there hawking weight loss surgery. That’s the image of Christmas one expects to see on Christmas Eve.

I do not know the story behind this, but I suspect it is shady, as is most with Mr. Quinn.

Quinn is a City Commissioner. With Mayor Shannon not running for re-election, word on the street is that Quinn is looking to reclaim the mayor’s position. To spur him along in that pursuit, Quinn uses his radio station to promote himself. Now he has presumably cut a deal with the hospital to have his mug in shoppers’ faces.

Does anyone else have this kind of access?

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