Holly Hills

12-12-26 Holly Hills Letterbox

39.549117 -75.3143

Some days a man needs to escape. Today was that day. Loaded up for what has been the elusive Salem County outing here I come.

Initially, I was concerned. Houses. It looked to be just nothing.

Then I got out. Oh, I get it!

This is an abandoned golf course. It’s history is unknown to me, but I am certain there is a story. The development across the street still exists.

One needs to hike out past the pond. As one does, he begins to see the fairways. Foot bridges—sand traps. What the hell happened?

The clues got me to where I needed to be, but I became confused at the end. It is unlikely anyone will stumble upon this out here.

Rain began as I apporached. It was steady, but not bad.

A golf hole has 18 holes. It seems to me there is potential for more exploring here. What a fabulous location!

I need to find a map of this golf course. Of course, this reminds me to explore the one in Cape May County too—oh, another location to plant.

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