Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (Charlie Bucket, #2)

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (Charlie Bucket, #2)Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl
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This is the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My heavens, this was not good. This is the only Dahl book I have read to date that did not interest me in the least. It was contrived . . . and contrived badly.

The first half of the book placed our hero and Mr. Wonka in space. Yes, it was a bad Miss Frizzle episode. Horrid, I say. The premise of that part was that the elevator had gone into orbit accidentally and they had no control over returning. After bouncing around with knids and other things that go bump in the night sky, all of a sudden the elevator was capable of re-entering the atmosphere and was able to tow a spaceship with it. Remarkable!

The second half of the book was marginally better. The crew returned to the chocolate factory. Unlike the original text, this was completely boring. Too old, too young, too old, just right. Bah!

This is a daffy, half-assed attempt at continuing a fabulous story. Did you ever see Grease II? It was even worse than that!

I’ve read that Dahl began a third installment where the cast headed off to the White House but only completed a single chapter. I think his readers were lucky with that. Really, what is the motivation of a young English boy who now owns a marvelous chocolate factory to go to America and take in a dotty president as depicted here?

A waste of my time reading this. And to think, I am a Dahl fan! Ha!

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