Gift for Gert

Seeking something different that would make my wife happy, I came up with the following.

I created 12 envelopes, each one labeled with a month of the year. Inside each envelope is a reflection/memory of time we spent together, most of them during our time of courting. Then, I proposed an activity that would either re-create or play off of that memory.

For instance, we spent MLK Day (2000) at Dave & Buster’s. There was a machine that created an image of what a future baby of ours would look like. It was horrible! But I suggested we return to Dave & Buster’s with Beetle and Fritz for a day of fun.

Gert never seems wild about my gifts to her, so I was apprehensive about this as it is out of the norm. Since I work with lots of women, I ran the idea by them. I was surprised by the reaction: each said they would be absolutely taken with such a gift. Over and over I was told how romantic this was. 🙂

JanuaryDave & Buster’s (let’s check out our baby picture)
Februarybowling together (Williamstown, Bridgeton)
Marchdinner and show in AC (proposal)
Aprilpizza & movie (Easter)
MayLongwood Gardens (where I wanted to propose)
Junecamping at Parvin (family camping with your folks; kayaking)
Julybike riding, blowing bubbles, fly kites, & Cape May Diamond (Sunset Beach)
Augusta day at the beach (Seaside)
Septemberlet’s play hooky from school and go tubing in the Delaware River (new tradition; be children and carefree)
Octoberpicnic (outdoors reminds me of Duffield’s)
Novembervolunteer together at a soup kitchen (you brought me back to Christ)
DecemberRenault and stay over (relax and reflect on a great year together)

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One thought on “Gift for Gert”

  1. Well, expectations produce disappointment.

    This did not go over well. We did go to Dave & Buster’s. That was fun. Many years later, I believe there were only three envelopes even opened. Needless to say, we didn’t do all the activities. Now my wife vacations alone. 🙁

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