Probuditi!Probuditi! by Chris Van Allsburg
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I’m a huge Chris Van Allsburg fan. Back in the beginning of my teaching career I created a unit using many of his books. Somewhere along the line I got away from that. I have been planning on reviving that for next year so have been researching. One thing is that I didn’t keep up with Van Allsburg’s newer books. I’ve slowly been filling in the holes. This is the last one, I think, I need for my collection. I found it on ebay for $1.00. It is in excellent shape and is a hardback book. Awesome!

And awesome is indeed the word. While I had the hook figured out immediately, the master did all he could to move me off of it. This is a longer book than most of his offerings. Nevertheless, the final page confirmed what I knew. Ha!

The illustrations are classic Van Allsburg! Astounding.

A little boy likes to play tricks on his little sister. His mother warns him to behave on his birthday. He and a friend see a magic show and then the fun begins.

A very good read. This would be a good book to use for sequencing. The word “muttered” was used quite well here (that’s a word I teach in my classroom).

This is a must for Van Allsburg fans.

I was most impressed that a few of my students picked up the failed attempts at solving the problem without me pointing them out. They do learn! 🙂

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