Batman: The Story of the Dark Knight

Batman: The Story of the Dark KnightBatman: The Story of the Dark Knight by Ralph Cosentino
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Every time my son visits my classroom he goes to the library and finds this book. He loves Batman! This book came with a CLI order a few years ago. I do not recall any students ever reading this.

Fritz usually takes it out and looks at the pictures. It’s a graphic novel so the pictures are compelling. This is the Dark Knight so there is no Robin (yeah!). I really like the graphics.

Fritz asked if I would read this to him. I agreed as I always will. This basically introduces Batman and his nemeses. Two-Face is included in the rogues gallery.

It’s a short book, but well done. Fritz loved it!

We went into my classroom again today and guess what? Fritz wanted to borrow this book. He asked if we should let the principal know we were going to borrow it. He’s so cute.

Once again I read this to my boy. He just loves Batman. I am a fan of this book. Fritz is so engaged. In the handful of years this has been on the bookshelf, I do not recall any student having read it. That is unfortunate. Perhaps when Fritz comes for “Bring Your Child to Work Day” he will read it aloud to my students. 🙂

We are participating in the #classroombookaday challenge this year. Because of that, I pulled this off the shelf today to read. Some students have yet to demonstrate listening skills. But the good news is some students seemed to be into it.

It really isn’t a great read. I have since gotten into comics and this doesn’t hold up to others. Anyhow, it’s a decent introduction to graphic novels for my students this year.

There is no story here, but I enjoyed reading it to my students today. An introduction to the Batman universe with the big players. The art is the highlight here.

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