Still the Same

As I pore through the 6000+ posts here on the blog, tidying up things to go public again, I am reliving many past experiences. I have rekindled my liking of locationless caches as I go through each of these.

In my head I keep thinking of reconnecting with the game. TerraCaching has new owners and they finally got things going again, albeit in an odd fashion.

Locationless GPX files are built wrong so GSAK can’t read them. I have tried to help out with that. Nothing will come of it because they don’t want to bother Clyde. Not a good business decision.

But more alarming is my request for all the LC numbers so I can hand-build my database. Skepticism aplenty.

I did get your email about the list of LC numbers and was curious as to why you needed this information on all of our caches both active and archived. Currently, we are using all of our resources to work through issues on the site and have added this to a list of potential member driven reports. We do have plans that would allow you to pull certain reports from the site, but this is still a ways into the future. Unfortunately as to organization, the future assignment of LC waypoint IDs is very different from the TC1 database, so I fear that order you are requesting will not be very beneficial into the future.

Reminds me of The Who . . .

Meet the new boss Same as the old boss

I suspect I will refrain from pursuing returning to this game. From the looks of the web site, these folks don’t understand how their players get information. We like lists and searches. They went for pretty. It is slow and clunky. I dare say, v. 1.0 worked better than this new one does.

Oh well, less time I need to spend there.

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