On The Menu – Research Micro Objective – 50

1) BEFORE looking at the comments below, spend 5-10 minutes researching the history and contents of Herbes de Provence.

2) In the comments below, tell us:

A- A little bit about what you learned. Was this exercise informative or were you unable to learn anything new?

B- (Optional) If you found a particularly good website or video, share it with us so your fellow quest scouts can continue learning.

C- If you were to create your own Herbes de Provence inspired blend, what would you put in it?

I have held off on posting this because I wanted to check something, but it appears I am never going to remember it since I have forgotten the several times I have gone grocery shopping. So be it! 🙂 I am rather certain our local market sells Herbes de Provence as a mixture of fresh herbs. I keep forgetting to check as I rarely buy fresh herbs there as they are overpriced and usually not in the best of shape.

Anyhow, I learned a little about this. I have used this before for fish, although it was some time ago. I rarely purchase mixtures any longer preferring for simpler flavors. The big thing I learned is that here in the US this usually includes lavender. I wonder if mine did as it probably came from Bermuda. I am not big on lavender.

Now I am getting hungry thinking about fish.

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