This time of the year I often return to geocaching. I think it is because this is the time of year I began, way back when. It is also the time I most enjoy hitting the trails. Ticks are gone. The crunch of the leaves under my boots is peaceful. The smell of pine is refreshing.

With that, I am going to return to the masses. Yes, I am going to join again. I am starting over. No found caches from before. Anything logged will be BlazeOn visiting it.

Here is my thinking . . .

  • I don’t have to do any cache
  • There is no streak that I am concerned with
  • Fun
  • Family first
  • Always be positive
  • Pictures
  • Complete the cache as planned by the hider
  • Find the fun with every experience
  • There are some caches I will not complete. That’s okay.
  • Don’t read the logs.
  • Clearing areas is fun, but don’t rush the experience. Log properly, take photographs, etc.
  • I do not “need” a cache nor do I “need” to cache
  • Photographs: Fro shot, hide, cache, log, Can You See It?, interesting
  • I am not hiding my identity; I am just not announcing who I am. I will be found out. Deal with it.
  • Should someone pick an argument, take offense, become snarky, etc., leave it alone.
  • Log all DNFs
  • I will hide geocaches
  • THINK: What am I enjoying about this cache?

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One thought on “BlazeOn”

  1. Update I am currently on a streak. While I have been enjoying it (currently 80 days) and I have goals for it (at least 93, to surpass my longest drought; 100 because it’s more prominent; 166 I think it is that will get me to my cacheversary as BlazeOn), it’s not something that I have to have.

    I noted I had a lot of June, July, and August uncached on my calendar. I decided to address that this summer. Hoping to keep it going in September and October, but if I can’t, I won’t. No biggy.

    While I did hide geocaches under this account (10 of them), I gave them away and have adopted a “will not hide” mantra. I do not have the personality to be a cache owner. I have finally accepted that.

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