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17-07-01 GC5HWF1

39.1926 -74.993667

The Blind, Crippled, and Crazy Tour by The World’s Worst Geocacher

This was the second attempt at finding a geocache this morning. Love this area! It’s absolutely beautiful. It was low tide when I arrived. I found some humor in a sign at the parking area that indicated since this was a tidal area, there may not be water available. The creek was dry. 🙂

I made the hike out. I have walked this before. It is clear that some work has been made to the area as the “road” is in better shape than it used to be and there are at least eight benches available. I’ve never seen benches here before.

The biting flies arrived as soon as I began the trek. I wasn’t the only food source out here as there was a couple further down the beach. It looked as though they may have been metal detecting. Looked at the chimney and wall before I began my search in earnest.

A micro, I suppose, could be placed anywhere out here. Coordinates were pretty solid in one area. I looked up and down, in and out, etc. I found nothing. The flies were with me the entire time. After 40 minutes or so, I gave up. Blind and beginning to be crippled by the flies. It would get so much worse.

I walked along the beach. There was a peach basket on the beach. I am pretty certain I saw the same basket a year ago when I was out here.

Thank you for placing this for me to hunt today; I appreciate it.

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