Ahead of My Time

It is so difficult for me to let go.

Last evening I posted on Facebook that it was the 13th anniversary of finding the Can You Canoe? geocache. That cache makes me wistful. Yes, it was after the storm, as it were, but it was back in the “adventuring days”.

Of course, the storm really began with two geocaches I tried to get listed that had blank descriptions. No matter how I approached the issue, no one from Groundspeak would clarify whether a blank geocache description was inappropriate. Of course, I had previous geocaches (here and here)with blank descriptions. And of course, I had geocaches later that were published with blank cache descriptions (here and here). It was only the geocaches that Lapaglia decided to review (he wasn’t our normal reviewer and was known to go through the queue to get involved) that had an issue.

So, after last evening’s post, I am wistful. And then this morning I read the following, apparently written in 2015 by the uber-reviewer Keystone:

Original Comment: I’m a little surprised that a reviewer would publish what sounds like a blank cache description.

Keystone’s Response: We are allowed to question listings with blank cache descriptions (“Are you sure this is ready? A good cache description is helpful because…”). But, once the hider says “yep, it’s good to go,” then we publish the cache. Once you point me to a place in the listing guidelines where a minimum number of words requirement is specified, I’ll stop doing that.

Yeah, this pretty much sums up the inconsistencies Groundspeak has had over the years. They defend one another to the end, but speak out of the other side of their mouths to deflect any responsibility.

But hey, I don’t care. All this is behind me. Time to blaze on. 😉

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