Dad’s old job

17-08-12 GC2VZAH

39.239767 -75.169967

A quick cache and dash this was not for me.

This geocache has me perplexed. When I left today after having searched for some time, I was convinced it was MIA. Being Fortescue, I had no cell reception, so when I tried to check the logs and photographs I couldn’t. That’s unfortunate as one of the photographs seems helpful to me; namely, it’s a micro not a small.

Even so, I struck out. The coordinates bounce here and I was uncertain as to which one to scour. There is one that seems more likely than the others and I spent plenty of time in there looking. Something like what I saw in the photograph could easily still be hidden. That makes sense given the logs I have read. I guess that means I will return again to Fortescue to look for a geocache.

Today was perfect down here as there were no bugs whatsoever. That rarely is the case. 🙂

Thank you for placing this for me to seek; I appreciate it.

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