Downe Town…ship

17-08-12 GC58Q17

39.221517 -75.165283

This week has been weird. I haven’t been out as much lately and I began to get itchy. The weather called for thunderstorms on Thursday, so I didn’t plan anything. No rain whatsoever. Then thunderstorms were planned for yesterday. For certain! I only did a couple. No rain. Once again, today was supposed to be rainy all day. I’ve been wanting to travel a bit for an area and a Saturday would be perfect, but again the forecast kept me at home. Finally, no rain had fallen I decided to go out for a couple. Given the overcast and cool day, I thought Fortescue might be all right today (meaning few bugs).

I made the familiar drive down. I drove past a friend’s place; they weren’t there. As I headed out to the bridge, some guy in a Suburban was backing out slowly from the bridge. I waited some time for him to inch back. When he finally turned around I asked if the bridge was out. He said, “Yes.” He lied. I got out and walked past all the fishermen and crabbers. The bridge was in fine shape. It didn’t appear anyone was in any of the houses on this side of the bridge, however.

Walked to the cache area. I poked in one place before I found it in the second, a place I had looked at back in January. It’s always nice to confirm I hadn’t been blind. 🙂

Took in the sights out here. The dark gray clouds were rolling in across the bay. Rain finally did hit today a short time later.

Thank you kindly for the placing a geocache in this beautiful location; I appreciate it.

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