EastPoint Lighthouse III

18-03-01 GC701ZJ

39.1967 -75.02985

I am the worst geocacher!

So, these little blue dots have caught my attention. There is a cluster of four that remind me of a rough day last July. I decided to tackle those this morning. I knocked out Matt’s Return before coming over here. As I drove down the road, it dawned on me that I did not have the “corrected” coordinates. I was rather certain as to the place to go, but thought I’d re-do the puzzle. Yeah, that added frustration.

Lots of work has been and is being done at the lighthouse. They have thought of photo ops in their re-design. Things still are not ready for prime time, but I imagine they will be before long. It was mighty cold and breezy down here. I noted the ramp is now unusable.

Found the signs again. Took the photographs I needed and returned to the vehicle to figure out the numbers. This is where I struggled before with this. I was really bad this morning. Totally missed the checksum. As it was, I miscalculated. I think ultimately my issue is that you and I define the word “paragraph” differently. Here in the comfort of my home, I figured out my issue today. I am rather certain this is the set of coordinates I used in July.

But my issues were far beyond the coordinates. I had verified where I had been looking was correct a while ago. So, even though I calculated this morning another set of coordinates that put me in the bay, I drove back to where I had searched in July. Where to begin? I got out and began looking like I had then. Why? That was the way someone who didn’t find it looked. So, I hatched a plan. I began looking in a certain kind of place over and over. That didn’t work.

So, I brainstormed another idea. The first place I went I just kind of, “There it is!”

Wow! I am surprised I found this. Am happy to clear this one off the map. Not quite certain how it all happened; it seems as though the geocaching gods were with me today.

Thank you kindly for head scratcher; I appreciate it.

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