GeoExpeditionMT #2: Don’t Pass

18-07-08 GC4AJE0

46.60965 -112.260517

Montana GeoTour Bucket List, Day 1

What an adventure!

We were off to a successful start to this GeoTour and headed here. A touch over a mile out, we ran into a road closure. We decided to back out and approach from the other end. Well, this was greatly appreciated by me even if it added much time to the experience. The views of the mountains were breathtaking. This was the highlight of my time out here. I was just enamored with the sights. Once again, a mile out we ran into a road closure. This time we parked and began hoofing it in.

Lovely. Just lovely. We ran into two bicyclists who were biking up from Mexico. They were loaded down with gear. We continued on noting that we were going downhill the entire way. Once we got close, we saw the object of our attention and off we went. Eager, as it was the beginning of this tour, I did not take the optimal approach. But it was fun. 🙂

Got close, but wasn’t finding anything. We poked around for a few minutes. We referred to the cache photographs. Even still, wasn’t finding. Then I made a change in elevation and that made all the difference. Perfect!

This is my kind of geocaching. All is in fine condition.

The hike back was all uphill. I live on a coastal plain. 😉 We kept stopping to gape at the views of the mountains. Gorgeous! Saw another bicyclist. After that, a ranger came by to inform us that we weren’t permitted back here. We informed him we thought it was only for motor vehicles, but he corrected us. Oh, well. We were obviously tourists.

Thank you for such a lovely experience; I appreciate it!

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