This Is Why I Write Individual Logs on Geocaches

I’ve been geocaching a bunch with my sister this summer. She inquired as to why I write such involved individual logs for each geocache we found.

Tonight I received the following unsolicited e-mail.

Hi there,
Today I read a number of the logs you wrote for the GeoExpeditionMT caches you did last month, and I felt the need to write and let you know how much I enjoyed them. They were beautifully written and often mentioned how much you were enjoying the scenery – something that so many of us who live here love about our home state.

If you’re on Facebook and having Montana withdrawals now that you’re back home, there’s a wonderful group called MONTANICA! that’s about all things Montana and includes some pretty spectacular photos taken by residents from all over the state. Based on your writings, I think you’d really like it.

Thanks again for your wonderful logs, and I hope you have an opportunity to come to Montana for another visit soon.

aka half of team AlohaMT

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