Have You Made Enough Time for Adventure?

There are multiple ways to approach this question. Let me begin by saying that things are going along pretty much as planned. So, in that regard, I am doing what was planned. That is good in and of itself.

But, there hasn’t been a whole lot of adventure, at least not as defined by our official 50 Adventures list. I have completed but six so far. At that rate, only 24 adventures will be completed.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

I have two adventures essentially completed. One I want to take a photograph, but since I am not driving yet after my surgery, I cannot get to the gallery in which to do so. The other, a big one at that, is done, but I broke a piece in the construction of the thing. Grrrr . . . so it doesn’t work. Received good news today that the company is going to send me the part gratis. I am pleased but surprised.

My surgery has hobbled me now for six weeks. That, however, was on the schedule and I built my 50 Adventures around that. So, I didn’t have as many adventures early in the year. The summer, as expected as a school teacher, is loaded with the majority of my pursuits. I do hope to crank out another this week, however. There are a couple others that I should bang out while still out of work. I have planned several of these very well so I will be able to knock them out as they come up on the schedule.

More and more, I am able to look at life as an adventure. As such, life has happened full force thus adventure is being experienced daily. Children seem to be a never-ending source of that adventure. Again, experience is teaching me to even embrace those troubling moments as adventure. We’ve been having some of that already this year.

Yes, plenty of adventures are in our lives; some planned for, some not, all serving to make us better.

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