Winter World: The Ingenuity of Animal Survival

Winter World: The Ingenuity of Animal SurvivalWinter World: The Ingenuity of Animal Survival by Bernd Heinrich
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Another book I would have never experienced if it were not for Quest Scouts. Unlike most of the others recommended, this one did not resonate much with me.

Heinrich is an interesting chap. He is INTO nature. That’s cool. But he’s perhaps too into it . . . at least for my tastes. I really don’t need to know you conduct experiments where you measure a bees excrement. Just not my thing!

And that is what this book was. Oh, no, not all poop, but a lot of minutia about animals that I wasn’t particularly interested in. How many different squirrels were described? I’m sure squirrels care about the differences and it is apparent Heinrich does as well. Me? Not so much.

One theme through the book that did catch my attention was how animals conserve energy. When it is no longer efficient to gather food, an animal ceases to do so. I thought that was interesting and it manifested itself in different manners: squirrels will leave the last couple seeds on a pine cone, a bear will hibernate.

This is not a bad book, just one that I did not connect to. I thought at a couple different points that if this had been a National Geographic special instead, I would have been into it. All the same information could have been presented but with the accompanying visuals, I think I would have been hooked enough to care. Yeah, yeah, I know.

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