Micro Objective – Life List – Park Explorer – 50

Add a National Park to your life list.
“If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not write it down, you do not have a goal- you have a wish.” -Steve Maraboli

Some people call them “bucket lists,” some call them “life lists,” while others may call them something else entirely. Whatever you call it, a life list is a list of goals you’d like to accomplish over your lifetime.

Do you have a life list yet? This micro objective is the first in many to come that will inspire you to add items to your list.

1) If you don’t have a life list, start one! You can start one online or on paper. Make sure that the format you choose will allow you to easily refer to your list in the future. If you’ve already started a life list, great! Pull it out and get ready to add to it.

2) Spend 5-10 minutes researching parks that meet both of the following criteria:

a- The park is a NATIONAL PARK. (This national park can be in any country. Step outside of your comfort zone!)

b- You have never considered visiting this park in the past. Maybe you’ve never even heard of it!

3) After doing a little bit of research, add the national park to your life list.

4) Share which park you’ve added to your list in the comments below.

I do have a life list. I’ve been successful in knocking some things off that list. I have also updated it a couple times as my interests have changed since I first wrote it in 2007.

Visiting national parks hasn’t been a driving force for me in my lifetime. It isn’t something we did a lot of growing up and I certainly have not done a lot of it since. But last year I visited Yellowstone. It was kind of an add-on to a trip to Montana (a life list item). Well, Yellowstone was awesome! I enjoyed it far more than I ever expected to. Since then, I have been more open to the idea of national parks. We are even considering a trip to the Grand Canyon as a family.

But for this, I took the requirements to heart. I had heard of most of the parks on the list before. One park I hadn’t heard of was Saquaro. I am familiar with the Saquaro Desert, but I didn’t know it was part of the National Park Service.

As an elementary school teacher, I am amazed at how a lot of what we teach ties together. Over the years we have learned much about the Saquaro Desert, despite me having never heard of it until I began teaching. And as this objective demonstrates, I didn’t even know it was a national park.

The saquaro cactus is an amazing structure. It acts as a hotel and food source for so many in the desert. Even in death it provides shelter.

I think visiting this would be something I would find quite interesting. It is now on my life list!

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