Partners in Crime

Partners in CrimePartners in Crime by Agatha Christie
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tommy and Tuppence are delightfully charming. I think one gets to know these characters quite well in this volume, made up 17 chapters (16 cases). The ruse of the book is that they stand in as detectives (The Blunt Detective Service) in order to chapter a Russian spy. Along the way, they take on other cases.

Tommy is fond of adapting a style of a fictional detective. Many of those I was unfamiliar with, although Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot were two he assumed the position of. It made for entertaining episodes.

Always, the Beresfords got their man, as it were. Quite involved sleuthing. I will say by the end I was right along side the detectives (if not ahead) in figuring out the crime. All the while Tommy and Tuppence marveled the reader with their charming ways.

On top of all this, Hugh Fraser once again acted as the narrator. I absolutely love this man’s voice. He reads Tommy and Tuppence gracefully. I did chuckle at his Alabama accent in the one story. Not bad for a Brit. 🙂 Once again I listened to this while I read. I find it most enjoyable to read these this way.

I used to think Tommy and Tuppence were superfluous to the Christie canon; I now rather feel disappointed there aren’t more tales as I absolutely adore the characters. They are quite fun!

I do say I had to remind myself of the publishing date (1929) on more than one occasion. Some of the subject matter had me thinking the 1950s (cocaine, Russian spies, etc.). It is an eye-opener to anchor those subjects at a time prior to my parents’ births.

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